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When buying a property, it is important to make sure you get the best advice possible. Best advice is a term comes with a 360-degree consultation. We tell you the past current and the future possibilities of the property location facilities areas schools businesses hospitals transportation touristic destinations neighbors and more that you need to be able to buy the best possible property in Turkey. buying a property in Turkey requires expertise to make sure so many things that can go wrong actually doesn’t go wrong. we have been selling properties in Turkey since 2008. Mainly in Istanbul and Bodrum. So, when we say about you mean expertise knowledge know how and everything that you need to make sure you are buying the best possible property in Turkey whether you’re buying in Istanbul or in Bodrum. Since 2008 we’ve been helping many families’ individuals’ businesspeople from all around the world. Whether you are coming from Saudi Arabia Emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi Qatar Doha London Holland Switzerland Russia Germany Egypt we have helped so many people from your region in order to purchase their properties in Istanbul and Turkey.

it’s all about passing you the knowledge expertise best possible purchase in Turkish property market. Our brokers come with more than five years’ experience in the field of Turkish property market. we give them special training about investment in real estate in Istanbul and Turkey. We train them both financially and mentally to understand the regions that will suit you the best for your purchase.

For example, if you are buying a property for Turkish citizenship and you are young that you are not planning to reside there then you should be focusing in the smaller apartments that will get you best rental return and capital appreciation in Istanbul. We also have similar options in Bodrum. So, if you’re buying a property for citizenship at the end of the three year your property should reach 100% capital appreciation and should get you minimum seven up to 10% rental return per year. in 2022 property market in Turkey has seen tremendous demand from all around the world. if you buy a property in Istanbul you can get up to 100 and 5000 and 60% capital appreciation in certain projects such as Ritz’s residence or Taksim in 360 or Radisson Blu residence. There are certain regions in Istanbul that is going under tremendous shift with infrastructure such as metro investments new parks new universities new schools’ new hospitals and for touristic attractions. This is one very good example to get a property for Turkish citizenship which has increased to 400,000 U.S. dollars in 13th of June. so when you come to we will make sure that we get you the property that you need for your purpose we understand we listen we work together blend your demand with our expertise to make sure that we get you the best possible property to fulfill your requirements whether you’re looking to buy a property for Turkish citizenship or for investment or for personal use or for luxury or for retirement house or purely for investment. Since 2008 we doubled our customer’s money, and we are here to help you. has started real estate business in London in 2007. since 2007 we have helped thousands of international buyers willing to purchase properties from Turkey.

mission statement: our mission is to make our customer and property buyers from Turkey winner at purchase. This is achieved by what we call 360-degree consultation.

vision statement: our vision is to steadily grow by word-of-mouth reputation where proving ourselves and our knowledge and our expertise to our customers and hence reaching to their second third 4th purchases as well as their friends and relatives.


Why for your property search in Turkey:

Buying a property from abroad is a challenge that requires an expertise knowledge. Whether you’re going to buy a property from Turkey cities such as Istanbul Bodrum or Antalya you are better off using an expert he knows the market for more than five years. power brokers have experience over five years and Mr Fikret has experience over 15 years. he trains all members of the team with detail to ensure the buyer gets the most advantage at purchase.

Elements of buying property form Turkey analyses unique to

there are very important details to pay attention when purchasing a property. you need to be 100% sure with your budget with the size of the property with location and the purpose. how much money you have spared for this asset how large does it have to be and where it should be located as well as why are you buying this for?


Let’s break these four elements that we call 360-degree consultation into pieces show that you understand the difference between property Turkey reality and the others.

Mr Fikret has done an MBA, MSc and Bachelor’s degree in business studies all in London. He looks at 4ps, BCG matrix, product lifecycle, P&L analysis, return on investment ratio, net present value analysis, SWOT analysis, and many more business tools in line with his expertise in the real estate industry in Turkey to come up with a perfect buy for your investment. at the end of the day, you are investing no less than 100,000 usd dollar hence you should really I ensure you do the best consultation prior to purchase.

WHAT İS THE POİNT is trying to achieve!

The idea is to ensure you get the best value for money and that will be getting you the best rental return capital appreciation yield for your investment over the years to come. furthermore, if you decide to sell you should be able to liquidate very fast. mini buyers purchase properties without analyzing currently and looking at the very important points studying the market knowing surroundings such as businesses schools’ airports shopping malls hospitals universities etc that will be the decision makers choice over other competitors. for example if you are buying a one bedroom apartment to invest and get rental return should you go ahead and buy a huge different high floor one bedroom that is got 30% price difference from the lower one or you should simply choose the cheapest option without paying attention to its view as the tenant doesn’t care about the view he will be staying one or two years and the difference in rent will not be more than 10%. the answer is you should go ahead and buy the cheapest option because between the cheapest and the most expensive one bedroom if they are the same the view will not make rental return difference so you’ll be spending a lot of money if you go ahead and buy the high floor nice view one bedroom the rental return difference will not be more than 10%. over the years therefore you will not be able to get back the 30% you paid four for the apartment with your 10% higher rental return which we call it yield.


if you are buying stock you talk to someone from the bank that you trust they know what they’re doing with regards to buying or selling stocks commodities etc. why wouldn’t you trust or find the best real estate broker he has sold millions of dollars’ worth of properties over the years and has extensive knowledge in Turkish property market!


over 90% of our customers come back and buy they are second or third properties from or they refer their friends and families as they are very happy with their purchase. the issue about buying a property from Turkey you will understand if the deal is good or bad or the next coming three to five years. we have doubled investors’ money over the last years and we have got many tanking referral videos from Bahrain to Qatar Saudi Arabia to Emirates Abu Dhabi to Dubai London to Germany.

Best price!

We guarantee you we will get you the best price for chosen property this has been the case since 2007. even if you get a quote from a property share it with us we will be able to get you the better deal from the same developer due to our buying power. we know all the developers who build projects or have finished their projects in Turkey. We at guarantee you the best price Whether you’re buying from Ritz Carlton residence in nisantası, skyland from maslak, 1453 agaoglu, nef, vadi istanbul, deniz istanbul, and 100’s of property developers across Turkey property market. we know sales managers we know general managers we know owners of all projects in Turkey. we get you the best possible price this is our strength not only we know the best investment best location best property but we also are able to get you the best price. so it’s in your interest to work with property Turkey reality to be able to get you the best of the best from 360 degree consultation.

You should be 100% in the hands of the best real estate broker in Turkey and that is

İn conclusion is all about getting you the best option for your money with regards to your search for property in Turkey whether you’re buying from Istanbul from Antalya from Bodrum.

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